Welcome to a medieval tavern

Its harsh and yet so romantic atmosphere will breathe on you in our tavern from all sides. No detail has been omitted, as none of the senses. There will be plenty to see, what to listen and most importantly, what to taste. You will be entertained by swordsmen, jugglers, and belly dancers, accompanied by contemporary music, wine and beer will flow and you will also eat in the spirit of the times, with your hands! The only disappointment could be the return back to the present!

Get ready for:

Medieval Interior Belly Dancing Sword Fight Historical Concert Fire Show
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1190 CZK
per person
750 CZK
per child

Historical fantasy show

Everyday 20:00-22:30

  • 2.5h performance
  • 5 course meal
  • all you can drink
Less People + More People
Less Children + More Children
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MON-SUN from 11:00 to 23:30


Krčma U Pavouka
Celetná 597/17
110 00 Praha 1 - Staré Město


+420 702 154 432


+420 777 015 000